KoCarbon Ag Silver Carbon Wound Dressing Case Study 3: Healed A Sacral Pressure Ulcer (Louisiana)

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu, D.O., Board Certified General and Wound Surgeon

Patient Background

66M c respiratory failure, CVA, quadriplegia, had a chronic sacral pressure ulcer nonhealing due to recurrent stool soiling. Previous treatments include collagenase, IV antibiotic, and honey.


After surgical debridement (the wound size after debridement was as big as a fist),
KoCarbonAg® treatment was initiated.


4 weeks later, the wound size has decrease significantly. Stool soiling has been prevented.
At 6th week, the wound was continuously showing progress. 8 weeks after KoCarbonAg® treatment, the wound was healed.

kocarbon ag silver dressing case study case 3 sacral pressure ulcer