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KoCarbon Ag Silver Carbon Wound Dressing Case Study 5: Healed Right Lateral Ankle Pressure Ulcer (USA)

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu, D.O., Board Certified General and Wound Surgeon

Patient Background

39F c brain anoxic injury/encephalopathy in a vegetative state has developed chronic pressure ulcer of R lateral ankle for 6 months. Multiple surgical debridement was performed along with collagenase treatment. The wound initially responded well, but at this point, the wound became stalled. Other treatment modalities used in the past includes honey, silver alginate and hydrofera blue.


KoCarbonAg® Silver Carbon Wound Dressing treatment was initiated at this point.


2 weeks later, the wound size has decrease significantly. At 4th week, the wound was continuously showing progress. The wound was almost healed at 6th week after KoCarbonAg® treatment.

KoCarbon Ag Silver Wound Dressing Case Study 5: Right Lateral Ankle Pressure Ulcer